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Web Hosting FAQ
What is web hosting?
Is there any hidden cost?
What is the sign-up procedure?
How long will it take to create an account?
What are POP3 accounts and e-mail aliases?
How is Inspire CyberNET's Bandwidth?
Can I resell Inspire CyberNET accounts?
Does Inspire CyberNET provide dial-up service?
Can I use Inspire CyberNET if I dial up from another ISP?
Does Insipre CyberNET provide web design services?
How do I announce my site?
What is ODBC (Open DataBase Connection)?
What is SSL (Secure Socket Layer)?
What is CGI (Common Gateway Interface) and Perl?
What is Domain Reservation?
What is Domain Redirect?
Can I configure all my email accounts?

Technical Support FAQ
Any explanation on the WebTrends report?
Why some visitors can't reach my site?
Why does my site appear differently when viewed by different computers/browsers?
What is ICQ? How can I set it up for technical support purpose?
Why I cannot upload files?

Domain Name FAQ
How to register?
How long will it take to get my domain name?
Any restriction on name application?
How can I pay for my domain registration?
Can I transfer my domain from another ISP?
How to change the ownership of a domain?

Resellers FAQ
Will my clients know I'm reselling Inspire CyberNET accounts?
How long does it take to set up a Resold Account?
Can I cancel my newly opened Resold Account?
Who will provide technical support?
Who will register domain names?
Who does the name registration payment?
What will appear in the name registration?
Can I resell disk space within my account?
Can I use Inspire CyberNET documentation?
How can I start?

Billing FAQ
How can I pay for the service?
My account has been stopped since the payment is delayed. Can I re-open it?
How is the account renewed when the contract ends?

Can I change my service plan?
Who will pay for the domain registration?
Is there a service charge if I want to restore files from your backup tape?
What is your "30 days money back guarantee"?
Can I transfer service fees from one account to another?

What is the service charge if I have to modify the domain record?
What is the contract period for Additional Components?
What is the service charge of other unclassified admininstrative work?

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