Inspire CyberNET's reseller program offers individuals a great opportunity to start their own web hosting company without the high cost of equipment or the involvement of administration. We offer discounts on our normal accounts in a very simple program. 

Here's how it works. Our reseller program starts with your own site at our normal rates. Then, any customers you sign up will be set up by us and you will be registered as the technical contact.

  • You will provide all technical support and answer any questions your customers have, thus giving the appearance you are the actual server that is hosting them.
  • The reseller will be billed for every account that they have put on our server, thus giving the reseller the ability to charge any rate they wish for hosting.
  • The reseller is free to charge whatever price their market will bear.
  • All non virtual domains will be put under NOT This allows the reseller to maintain the look of a virtual server.
  • Reseller counts himself as the first five accounts and receives a discount on the next account signed up!
 Pricing for Virtual Domains -
Number of Accounts Set Up Fee Discount
5-10 Waived 15%
10+ Waived 20%

 Pricing for Non-Virtual Accounts -

Number of Accounts Set Up Fee
5-10 Waived 18%
10+ Waived 25%
Please contact our sales hotline at 3020 6900 or email us to join our reseller program.

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