Special Offer for Commercial Broadband : HK$788/month [1 Fixed IP + Modem Rental]
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With Inspire CyberNET state-of-art ATM and Frame Relay packet switching technologies, we are able to offer a cost effective, and reliable Broadband Internet Access Services with no more "World Wide Wait". It gives you Ultra speed, round-the clock connection with local area network, hosts or servers which need constant two-way connectivity to the Internet, and full access to applications including Email, WWW, FTP, Newsgroups and Telnet.

Feature Benefit
Fixed monthly cost Budget can be predicted and controlled
Fixed IP provided Server is allowed to setup
Stable and Reliable connection Allow transmission of huge amount or important data
Ultra high transmission speed

Enable high speed connectivity of Internet and Intranet communication

Time saving

Guaranteed bandwidth Enable multi-media services to be offered
Permanent Connection Allow 24-hour round-the-clock connection
24x7x365 Customer care service Allow prompt response