Yan Choi Hospital ( 仁 濟 醫 院 )
Yan Choi Hospital is one of the not-for-profit hostpials in Hong Kong providing Medical Services, Social Services, Educational Services and Emergency Assistance Relief Fund. Again, we've showed our expertise to implement a web server for holding all its webpages and a mail server for managing all its staffs' email accounts.

St. Francis Xavier's College ( 聖 芳 濟 書 院 )
We have built the first linux server system in St. Francis Xavier's College (SFXC). It includes a web server , a mail server and a name server. With our expertise in linux systems, we have also established an interative portal site. Besides, we have set up a webmail system for SFXC using open source software in order to minimize the cost.

New China Telecom Co LTD
New China Telecom Co LTD is a leading telecom company in Hong Kong which provides premium International Direct Dialing(IDD) to mainland China at very low charge. We are responsible for its technical services including web site hosting and email hosting.

NeoPulsar Technology Ltd.
NeoPulsar Technology Ltd. is a local leading network solution company which provides tailor made solution to local SMEs.

SinoLink Limited
SinoLink Limited is a web stragey company which provides tailor made promotion solution for all companies to expand their business.

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